How to Prepare for Court

Going to court can be scary if you’ve never done it before. However, there are some things you can do to prepare and ensure everything goes smoothly. 

1. Dress Appropriately 

You should always dress appropriately when going to court. I recommend wearing something you would wear to church or to your grandma’s house. 

2. Understand How to Use Zoom (if applicable)

If your hearing is on zoom, please be sure to review the technology beforehand. You should know how to mute/unmute yourself and turn on/off your video. Make sure you find a neutral background with little background noise. 

3. Arrive Early 

You should always arrive at the courthouse early. You will need to leave time for parking, going through security, finding the courtroom, and finding your attorney. 

4. Be Prepared to Wait 

Being in court takes a long time (a lot longer than people think). So be prepared to wait and practice patience. 

5. Bring a Pen & Paper

You never know when you might need to jot down a note or write something to your attorney.  I encourage everyone to bring a pen and paper in case you need to do so. 

6. Conduct a Review

Make sure to review everything before your court date. I’m talking about notes, pleadings, evidence, etc. The Judge might ask you a question and you should be prepared to speak about your case. The same applies if you are giving testimony. 

7. Confer with Your Attorney

It is important to confer with your attorney (if you have one) before and after your court hearing or trial. They can help prepare you for court and debrief you about what happened once you are finished. 

8. Control Your Demeanor

You never know who is watching you, so be sure to control your demeanor. Have good posture, don’t react to other people’s testimony, and practice your poker face. 

9. Eat a Good Breakfast

Don’t forget to eat a good breakfast and drink plenty of water beforehand. You don’t want to be hangry or dehydrated during your hearing (especially given how long you may have to wait). 

10. Be Respectful 

Be respectful to everyone. This includes your attorney, opposing counsel, the opposing party, witnesses, and the Judge. You never know who is watching you in your interactions. 

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