Tech Resources to Help You in Your Legal Matter

Communication With Your Attorney

1. Notarize

Notarize is a platform that allows you to legally sign and notarize documents 100% online. All you need is your identification and access to a webcam. This is perfect for notarizing documents during the COVID-19 pandemic.  

2. Zoom

Zoom is a video conferencing software that is utilized by most family courts. You can access Zoom meetings online, on the desktop app, or on the phone app. If you have an upcoming hearing, you should get to know the software. 

3. Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is also a video conferencing software that some courts use. The software is available online, on the desktop app, or on the phone app. Once your case is filed and you are assigned a court, your attorney can let you know which platform the court uses. 

4. PDF Reader 

Your attorney will send you various documents during your legal matter, and you need to be able to view them. Having access to PDF software is an easy way to ensure you can always read your documents. You can download a desktop application and a phone application. Some options for desktop applications are Adobe PDF Reader and Foxit PDF. Options for phone applications include Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit PDF Reader Mobile, PDF Viewer, and PDF Expert. 

5. Scanner Application

During the course of your case, you may come across the need for a scanner. You can easily download a scanning app on your smartphone. Some of your options include Adobe Scan, Easy Scanner, Document Scanner, and Scanner App. When scanning with the application, make sure that the four corners of your document are inside the box. 

6. MyCase 

Erinakes Law, PLLC utilizes MyCase as its case management system. You should familiarize yourself with the platform and your client portal to ensure you don’t miss any important messages. You should favorite the login page on your web browser, and download the accompanying smartphone application. 

Text Messages

1. iMazing

During your case, your attorney may ask you to produce text messages. This software helps you transfer and save messages, files, and data to your computer. It allows you to compile all of your text messages so that you can easily organize them for your attorney. 

2. iexplorer

The iexplorer software is similar to iMazing. It is software that helps you transfer and save messages, files, and data to your computer. This is just another option for you to utilize in collecting evidence during your case.

Parenting & Co-Parenting

Our Family Wizard

Our Family Wizard is a desktop and phone application that assists you in co-parenting coordination. It has a shared calendar, message board, journal, expense log, and info bank for you to use. It is a secure platform that allows you to communicate with the other parent without fear that your messages will be deleted. Pricing starts at $99 for a 1-year subscription and 10 GB of storage space. 


AppClose is extremely similar to Our Family Wizard. AppClose is a phone application that allows for a shared calendar, messaging, scanning features, payment requests, and expense tracker. You can also easily export your records, and even send payment requests to non-connected parties. This phone application is completely free to use. 

Custody X Change

Custody X Change is another similar software that helps you create and track professional quality parenting plans. You can create a parenting schedule, a customized parenting plan, produce time calculation graphs, and keep a journal. This software is online only and does not come with an associated phone application. You can use the software for free with some limitations. You can also purchase either a silver plan for $17 per month ($97 per year) or a gold plan for $27 per month ($147 per year).

Cozi Family Organizer

With Cozi, you can organize your family in one convenient place using the phone application. You can keep track of appointments, activities, school events, class schedules, grocery lists, and chores. You can easily create to-do lists to ensure everyone is on the same page with what items need to be accomplished. The online software and phone application are available for free, but you can pay to upgrade to Cozi Gold, an ad-free experience with additional features. 

Talking Parents

Talking Parents is an online software and phone application that allows for messaging, shared calendars, an information library, journaling, vault storage, and unalterable records. You can even place recorded calls through the phone application. 

We Parent – Co-Parenting App

This phone application allows you to manage various aspects of parenting communication and logistics. This includes creating custody schedules, keeping track of events and appointments, secure messaging, creating lists, and keeping documents and photos in one place. You can try the app free for 14 days. After that, it’s $9.99 per month, $99.99 per year, or $199.99 for lifetime for your entire family. 

Custody Connection

Custody Connection is a cloud-based custody calendar iPhone application. It allows for a shared calendar, custody tracking and reporting, and even the ability to store your children’s information. 


Parentship is a phone application that provides effortless scheduling for all families. You can try out the product for free, or purchase it annually for $24.99. 

Two Houses

2houses is a web and phone application to help separated parents communicate and become organized for the well-being of their children. It allows you to manage expenses, a shared calendar, journal entries, messaging, photos, and even keep an information bank. You can try it free for 14 days, or purchase the annual plan for $149.99.

Self-Care & Lifestyle

Mint: Personal Finance & Money

Mint is a phone application that keeps track of your budget, bills, and spending. It can even keep tabs on your subscriptions and your turbo tax refunds. This is a good tool to use when you are re-organizing your financials during a divorce. 

BetterHelp – Online Counseling

Divorce and custody litigation can be stressful. BetterHelp is a phone application that provides online counseling. The mission of BetterHelp is to make professional counseling accessible, affordable, and convenience, so anyone who struggles with life’s challenges can get help anytime and anywhere. 

7 Cups: Online Therapy & Chat 

This phone application provides stress and anxiety counseling. It hosts anonymous and confidential conversations with trained volunteer listeners. You can even engage in guided discussions in the group support chat rooms. 

The Mighty

The Mighty is an online website and phone application that provides a safe, supportive community for people facing mental health challenges and the people who care for them. 

TalkLife: Depression & Anxiety

This phone application is also a mental health support network. It provides a community of like-minded supportive people across the globe who understand what it feels like to battle the ups and downs. 

Bloom: CBT Therapy & Self-Care

This phone application helps you train your mind with over 500+ exercises for cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). You get personalized daily mental health coaching sessions to manage stress and anxiety, improve sleep, build better habits, foster stronger relationships, and improve your quality of life. 

Headspace: Meditation & Sleep

This phone application is your guide to mindfulness in everyday life. You can learn meditation and mindfulness skills, and choose from hundreds of guided meditations on everything from managing stress and anxiety to sleep, focus, and mind-body health. 

Motivation-Daily Quotes and I am -Positive Affirmations 

These two phone applications send you daily quotes and affirmations. You can even create widgets to add to your home screen! 

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