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Although she isn’t my attorney since I knew her too late and my case is done, she is very helpful and ready to help you out. She is willing to answer your questions. If you have legal issues, you should considerate her as your attorney. It’s worth a shot! By the way, many thanks from California!

Nhi T.

Megan went out of her way to help with my divorce always answer questions and made sure I was informed on my case. She made the process easy and was always very helpful.

Leonel Padron

Ms. Erinakes is very professional. She made time to speak with me on the phone. She listened to my grievances and helped me make my decision to my best interest. I would definitely recommend he

Marilyn Baclit

I want to thank Erinakes Law for helping out with my case. I’m so pleased with them, they help me a lot and I am so happy I found you to represent me. Thanks again I love this Firm.

Latisha Aldridge

Megan made it so easy, just fill out the paperwork and let her do her thing. She was available to answer all my questions. Thank you Megan from my heart.

April Duke

Megan was extremely helpful and understanding throughout this process. I felt a stressful situation was made easier working with her.

Kristen Rodriguez

Megan was prepared for trial. She is empathetic, professional, and timely. My case involved domestic violence and I never felt revictimized. If you have any doubt, she is willing and able to answer or find out the answer to your questions. I highly recommend Attorney Megan Erinakes.

Cherrender L. Haynes

I’ll start by saying that I was so very ready to get rid of my ex. I met with Megan Erinakes, and we discussed my reasons for wanting this divorce. She was professional, and she expressed empathy for my case. She gave me the necessary steps, to begin with, my case. As we all know, Covid-19 slowed down the process, but Mrs. Erinakes reassured me that as soon as the courts reopened that she’d get my case finalized. There was always an open line of communication with Mrs.Erinakes. She kept me updated when there was any change in my case. I felt extremely confident with this law firm. If you’re reading this review, my case is completed, and you will not regret hiring Erinakes Law.

Staci Nikole

Megan handled my situation with perfection and professionalism. She is great. I highly recommend her for any of your legal needs.

Melanie Law

I had a very complicated surrogacy case that no one would take and Ms. Erinakes jumped right in with so much confidence. She is so kind and helpful and I owe it to her for winning our case. She’s definitely going to be our family attorney for life. All attorneys should have this much compassion and care for their clients.

Charlise Lee