Tech Resources to Help You in Your Legal Matter

Communication With Your Attorney 1. Notarize Notarize is a platform that allows you to legally sign and notarize documents 100% online. All you need is your identification and access to a webcam. This is perfect for notarizing documents during the COVID-19 pandemic.   2. Zoom Zoom is a video conferencing software that is utilized by most family courts. You can access Zoom meetings online, on the desktop app, or Read More

Divorce Document Checklist

Getting a divorce? You might want to collect some key documents to help your case.  1. General Documents You should first gather identification documents. These might include your driver's license, passports, certificates of naturalization, or visas. You should also gather any wills or estate planning documents. In addition, you are going to need a copy of your health insurance cards, policy, statements, and Read More

Divorce Planning & Prep

Getting a divorce? Understanding how to plan and prep is vital. There are several items you should  1. Ready for Divorce  The first action item is to determine if you are truly ready for divorce. Have you and your spouse attempted to reconcile, or attended counseling? Filing for divorce should not be used as a method to "shock" your spouse into behaving a certain way. Divorce is for spouses who are ready to be done Read More

Preparing for Your Consultation

  What Should I Bring to My Consultation? In order to prepare for your consultation, you should first complete and return any paperwork the firm sends to you. This might include a consultation agreement, an intake form, or a questionnaire.  You should also make sure to bring any paperwork relating to your case. For instance, you might be modifying a prior court order or you've already Read More

A Guide to Divorce: 8 Steps You Should Know

  Step One: Instigating Your Court Case  The first action in a divorce case is to file what is known as the "Original Petition for Divorce." This officially begins your divorce case.  Step Two: Service of Process The second step in a divorce case is to have your spouse served. This can happen by a private process server, a constable, or you can obtain what is called a "Waiver of Service" Read More

Child Custody: Scheduling Options

There are many ways to split possession of the kids between their parents. In fact, parents can agree to any possession schedule they like. Here are just some of the many options available to you:  1. Standard Possession Order  The Texas Family Code sets out a "Standard Possession Order." Under this order, one parent has primary custody, and the other parent has the first and third weekends of the month. This is Read More

Case Intake Checklist

  Divorce can be overwhelming. The good news is you can help your attorney make the transition as smooth as possible. How can I do that? By following this checklist, you can give your attorney the information she needs without having to reach out to you for every piece of information. This will help streamline the process, and shorten the timeline.  Step One: Task Completion Be sure to Read More